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low EF 35 to 45%

me. I am 42 yrs, 6 ft. 145lbs. I am a landscape maintenance contractor. I am a competitive athlete in mt biking, and climbing. I am very active. Now a time line: in 2010 complained of mild dizziness and vertigo. analysis, possibly a result of water in the inner ear. in 2011 neck injury and small nerve damage.(comes and goes both hands, first three fingers go numb) . in 2011 still experiencing dizziness and vertigo (mild). In February 2012 had a small ischemic stroke.(paralysis for 20 min. no lasting effects) In ER miss diagnosis, CT scan was only taken, showing a nasal infection. I pushed for an MRI, 2 months later, results showed the stroke and the resulting tests showed a low EF of 35 to 45%. The cardiologist wants to start me on beta blockers. Now 2 weeks later I have not yet taken any meds. until I have a second opinion, scheduled in 8 more days. I feel that the symptoms are being treated not the cause.
My question is, what may have caused the stroke and why might my heart be failing even when i am still at a high level of activity. riding, surfing, climbing, etc. Should i continue , slow down, or stop?......I still feel good after a ride!          
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Thanks for the info I'll push for a test on this as well....my second cardiologist said that I have no mitral prolapse regurgitation,and might not have blown anything out of my heart to cause the TIA. On coreg, and lisinopril ..lowest dose for 2 months. to see if it has any effect on raising RF. If it does, we will see what happens when I stop meds.  thanks again.
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Bloody hell mate! Good on you for your tenacity! Suggest that you get ref. to Hematology to check out your hematacrit, your mean cell volume and just check you're not pushing out too many rbc's etc. Saying this as you said you were interested in the cause, as well as the symptoms. Good luck mate.
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