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low HDL and 24 years old

I took a test the other day and I have a 27 HDL level. The LDL was in range and the ratio was good. My glucose level was high but I had eaten a little too recently. Should I be worried? I am only 24 years old so this seems a little low for my age. I smoke VERY infrequently, maybe one a week on average. I am 6ft and 175 so not over weight. I do not exercise and I eat a mostly oven/stovetop meals but no fast food. I realize I don't have the perfect diet or exercise routine but this seems too low to just be from those since I am not overweight and no young.
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Dear Sigmachi:  I am 72 years old and have had low HDL since they started testing it probably 45 years ago.  I tried to increase it but I think I got to forty once about 10 years ago and I wonder it that wasn't an incorrect testing..  It usually ran 26-32.  However, I did start exercising and eating healthy and my other cholesterol numbers are very good. I have also found over the years, that eating about 1/2 of a small avocado daily helps lots.  It increased my HDL by 10-12 points after about 2 months.  Also, my cardiologist told me that as long as my other Cholesterol numbers are good, low HDL is really not much of a problem.  I had a heart catheritization  about 2 years ago  at 70 and they found less than 20% blockage in two heart valves...and they said that was no problem at all... so my suggestion is: I would make a point of eating healthy (lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains with some  baked or broiled fish, chicken or turkey) and I would start an exercise program.  I started walking about 35 years ago and walk one hour each morning and one hour each evening...( usually 8-10 miles daily).. anyway this is what has worked for me..My diet and exercise program also keeps my BMI numbers in good shape and I really love living this way once I became accustomed to it..its great. Hope this helps Claytex
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I know that in the UK researchers are pushing for statins to be prescribed to virtually all ages to give people a head start preventing heart disease. I heard one cardiologist say how atherosclerosis starts early, in many teenagers. I guess until society becomes an easier and happier place to live in, any measures would be beneficial. If you are worried about anything, I would have a chat with your Doctor about it because they are connected to all latest research results.
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Exercise will increase your HDL, get your doctor's advise on a good cardio program to increase your HDL. Also, fish out helps so find a good fish oil made from cold water fish and gives you at least 600 MG of Omega 3s per day. Make sure you run it past your doctor as well.
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