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lown ganong levine syndrome

I recently took my son to his pediatrician due to shortness of breath and pounding heart mostly during strenous exercise.
The pediatrician did an ekg. The ekg read short pr interval (116) and  rsr in v1 and v2 consisntent with right ventricular conduction delay. The pediatrican referred me to a cardiololgist for a stress test. The test was normal however it still was showing shortness of pr interval with the interval being .10 in the longest lead?
The doctor mentioned possibly lgl syndrome. Would an echocardiogram definitely diagnose this ?? He did have a holter monitoring but I havent received any results yet . I am also confused about the right ventricular conduction delay because in his letter it stated reasons for the study short pr interval and possible left ventriucular hypertrophy.  Is there some connection between right ventricular conduction delay and left ventricular hypertrophy?   I would appreciate any help
in clearing up my confusion.  Thank you
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Dear angel,

Your sons appears to have right ventricular hypertrophy.  I am uncertain what the cause of this is.  He also has electrical conduction changes sch that his heart is more excitable ( short pr) and also, due to the LVH has a conduction delay in the right ventricle.  His medical history is complex and i would recommend a full evaluation by a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in arrhythmias.  

I would recommend Dr. Rick Sterba, here at CCF if you have any concerns.
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