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medication and pregnancy

I have been taking Toprol XL for about a year for a rapid heartrate and also for skipped beats.  I now think I may be pregnant.  I'm terrified that if I am I will have to stop taking the medication that has helped me so much.  Can someone continue to take Toprol XL (50mg) if they are pregnant?
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Toprol XL

Toprol XL is medication that belongs to a class of drugs called beta blockers. Beta blockers lower the heart rate and blood pressure are typically used in people with high blood pressure, problems with the heart beating too fast and in people who have blockages in the heart arteries.
This class of drugs appears to safe and efficacious in late pregnancy, however fetal growth retardation has been reported when treatment was started in early or mid pregnancy. The fetus(unborn child) may also have a low heart rate and low blood sugar at birth as a result of this medication.
A discussion between your obstetrician and primary doctor would be helpful, in effort to review the risks and benefits of this medication in detail.

Thanks for your question.

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Word from word your post sounds exactly like the one I was going to post.
I won't now and I'll wait to see what the doctor says about the Toprol.
I have been on Toprol XL since September 1999.
I started on 25mg. twice daily, now I'm on 150mg. daily, I take a pill and a half twice daily.
I have been thinking about becoming pregnant, but terrified if I have to go off the medicine.
My heart has been racing since October, 1993, and finally this one day in February it didn't slow down like it usually does.
I went to the E.R. and had all the test, and now I do see a cardiologist about every 4 months.
It still goes fast on/off even on the medicine, but not nearly as fast, and usually because if I'm behind in the doses.
Hormones have a big hand in all of this, I notice around different times I the month the symptons come on worse.
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I knew there had to be someone else out there who has the same type problem.  I'm sorry for your problems with a racing heart, but I'm glad to hear from someone who understands.  I didn't mention in my post that I am 35 years old.  I feel that that is almost too old to have a baby.  I have two other children but they were born before the racing heart thing started.  I think hormones play some kind of role too.
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I wanted to put my age in my post, but forgot to.
I'm 41 and have no children.  
My arrythmias, including the fast heart rate started when I was about 32.
I don't think I feel any pre-menopausal symptons, but then again, I'm not really sure what to look for.
Maybe I'm too old to conceive, but really haven't tried too as of yet.

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I am 33 years old and also suffer from rapid heart beats.  Premature beats, Supraventricular tachycardia, inapropriate sinus tachycardia.  I was also on a beta blocker when I became pregnant.  I too could not do without them.  I was very scared and concerned about this.  My cardiologist was very conservative and we used the lowest dose I could.  I will say the pregnancy was not fun.  My lowest resting pulse was 120 with meds.  But it was tolerable.  I was also very scared about labor and delivery with meds and my heart rate.  I am happy to report, I had a beautiful very healthy baby boy with no complications.  I hope this helps, I wish I had known someone when I was pregnant that was going through the same thing.  Also another note.  When I first started having problems with my heart racing, my first med was toprol xl.  After trying many different beta blockers, the one I have found works the best for me is propranalol, which I used during the pregnancy and continue to use.  Good luck!!
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Hi everyone! I too was diagnosed with SVT, Inappropriate Sinus Tach., and "runs" of PVC's prior to my 2nd pregnancy. My resting H.R. without meds is about 130+. I was on Atenolol for a while, but still experienced episodes of SVT. Had E.P. Studies done and was put on a different med (Nadolol--beta blocker). It has worked much better for me. I remained on it through my 3rd and 4th pregnancies (yes, I'M DONE!!! haha) and I'm happy to report that I had no problems with the pregnancies--all were to term and above-average birth weight. I did discuss my taking the meds during pregnancy with my kids' pediatrician, and he assured me that everything is fine. It is my understanding that these meds are relatively harmless during pregnancy (my ob suggested trying to stop them for the 1st trimester unless I became symptomatic--which I did) I took the Nadolol all through my last 2 pregnancies and I do believe that in my case anyway, they were helpful. I am absolutely convinced that hormones are a BIG factor! Just make sure to discuss the meds with your OB (and prospective pediatrician if you like) Good luck to all the mommies-to-be!!! ~Tracey
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