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metoprolol--beta blocker

after having a-fib---then finding out i had a leaky mitral valve which needed repairing-----( i did not have any blockages ) my doctor put me on a beta blocker (metoprolol)----I feel great most of the time---the only thing I notice is when I have to exert myself for a few seconds ( like runing and playing with my dog or walking fast up a steep incline ) I have to stop because of lack of wind and feel exhausted----would this be considered a side effect of beta blockers
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It could be, but I would talk to your doctor about it first.  I take Metoprolol and it can slow you down a bit.  Talk to your doctor to make sure there isnn't something else going on.  Take care, Ally
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I am on metoprolol and with a slower heart rate it does feel as if you are out of breath after exertion.... due to the slower heart rate and therefore less blood gets pumped/beat.   This is one reason you stop taking a beta blocker before a stress test.  Not really a true side effect when you consider the reason why one takes a beta blocker.
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Absolutely, I had the same problem until my cardiologist took me off it, much better now. However, in my case I didn't take it because of a-fib, but rather for my B/P and he but me on Norvasc instead. This is a Calcium Channel blocker with it's own side effects - it never fails.
Unlike Beta Blockers, CCBs have not been shown to reduce mortality or additional heart attacks after a heart attack.

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Well, just to be certain I would contact your Doctor as soon as possible. As far as I'm aware, beta blockers shouldn't cause shortness of breath on mild exertion ( a few seconds). It can be a sign of you not tolerating the meds very well, so better to be safe than sorry. I was on beta blockers for years, quite a strong one (bisoprolol) which I could only tolerate 1.25mg. I could run for several minutes but what stopped me every time was chest discomfort, never shortness of breath.
Have you had the valve surgery yet?
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Well, I gues we are all different. I couldn't, while on Beta Blockers, even walk up a slight incline (say 25%) whithout having to stop to catch my breath. I could, however, walk on straight stretches without any problems. That has disappeared after I switched to Norvasc. And a lot of people that I came across on the Internet were complaining about the very same thing. In my opinion there is no "steep incline" that you walk up in a "few seconds" - that would be a dog ****.
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I didn't say they don't, I said they 'shouldn't'. This is why I suggested the poster contact their Doctor. In the leaflet accompanying beta blockers it should say "contact your Doctor if you suffer the following side effects"....
"shortness of breath (even on mild exertion)". Perhaps you didn't tolerate them very well. My beta blockers gave the exact opposite effect, shortness of breath even at rest if I didn't take them. They are supposed to make your quality of life a bit better, not worse.
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