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metoprolol succinate er 50 mgs

I stopped coreg 12.50 mg daily abruptly and substituted Metoprolol succinate er 50 mg daily.  At first I was concerned about stopping the coreg abruptly and substituting Metoprolol once daily in AM.  Now I am concerned that the Metotrolol works in the AM but in the PM, the upper BP number is up around 145-160  and the lower is in the 60s and fluctuates up to the mid 80s.  I have been on this new med only 3 days.  Is it okay to have the upper BP numbers up there (I take 100 mg of cozaar daily and 10 mg of zetia daily also)  or should I try to get more medical help.  This is being managed by an advanced practice nurse for a Cardiologist and I am not totally trusting when I cannot see the MD  (he is not well)
How long should I tolerate the evening fluctuations in BP?
Thank you,
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I take metoprolol twice a day, every 12 hours and I know it when the dose wears off because my heart rate can increase (adrenelin rush,etc) but metoprolol is not for blood pressure control, it's a beta blocker...I'd be questioning your nurse on this.... Ireally think you should be cutting the does of metoprolol in half and taking it twice a day,...but check with the manufacturer and your doctor first...or your pharmacist.,...
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I agree about taking half in the am and half pm.  I take 50mg am and pm, and it seems to be working ok.
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You could also get Metoprolol XP which is extended release.  I take it and don't have any problems with higher bp later in the day or evening.
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I agree with pusher .... I take the 50 mg extended release and have no problems.  Nice even
coverage through out the day.
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I used to take Toprol, but now I take the generic Metoprolol Succinate, 50 mg, once a day.  
My doc prescribed the Toprol for control of pre ventricular beat.  Seems to me that the Toprol worked much better than the generic.... I'm having more of the pre vent. beat symptoms again, and bp has increased.  Bummer.  

Is anyone else having the same sort of problems?
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hi i was taking toprol 50mg now taking metoprolo succinate er 50mg ,after changing my bp was u had to get ito system first, so now my bp is good  but has broke out with brown spot on face and neck . has any experience this?
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