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mild mitral regurgitation, stop gym or not?

Hi everyone.
I`ve just been diagnosed with a "mild mitral regurgitation" after i had some pain chest, last one was after gym when i did some exercise for my back. The doctor said is not very bad but i should quit working out at gym cause this disease might progress , or at least to workout with light weights. I saw on internet that working out at gym is good for the hearth, but now i dont know who to belive :(. Is it safe to keep working out at gym or i should just quit ???

PS : Im 28 years old, 141 pounds, blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal.
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Was it a cardiologist that told you to stop the gym? I have a couple of friends with congestive heart failure but they still work out at the gym. Their routine is different but they do all they can to slow the progress of the heart disease and exercise is part of that. Perhaps you're doing too much in terms of weights. You might have to do less weight and more reps. I don't know. But for "mild" regurg, I've never heard of such advice. If you had moderate to severe, that's a different story and you might be looking at surgery in the future.

All I can say is you might want to get a second opinion.
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I was told by my cardio that Mild Mitral Regurg is normal and almost everyone has some regurg.  I am not sure why you were told to stop working out.  I do not think this is a "diagnosis" persay?
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Mild MVR is considered mediclly insignificant.  I workout on a treadmill at a level that pushes my endurance (but I take a nitrate prior) and lift weights to maintain strength.  This has been my routine for the last 5 years, and I have moderate to severe MVR.

Mild MVR is not a disease, and almost always does not progress.  If you don't exercise, you may develop a heart condition that is significant!
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Hello, tks everyone for ur answers! i feel much better now, salud !
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Hi everyone..i am william.. I was just diagnose last 2013 with mvp..now with my last echo, they told me i have a minor leakage in my mitral valve.. I feel tired sometimes, and when i woke up early in the morning i feel very cold,,and my hands are numb..but when at afternoon until bedtime i feel ok..when my gf broke up with me it gives me severe depression..anxiety and severe palpitations which even i go to bed i feel my heart pumping..i can count it without putting my hands on my chest..thats how strong the beat was..as of now im still waiting for my doctors advice if how can i handle thiz, if this is for operation i think i cant do it..im afraid..im very very afraid righr now..could anyone here advice me what todo or feel the same way i felt right now with this kind of disease?
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