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minni stroke ?

at 38 i had a heart attack thats two years ago now but over the past 6 months iv been suffering small complaints it started where i would have episodes of fingers going numb and tingerly then distorted vision and concetration went bad forgot words i wanted to say. its happened about six times and last around 15 mins also i have a reocurring swelling of the right hand when i am a sleep on odd occasions last time it happened my two smallest fingers went numb for around 24 hours i am getting more breathless when going up stairs and sometime find it hard to catch my breath but i think that part is anxiousness since the episode of my hand swelling up my fingers are swolen   i have just had a neck and brain scan and had ecg and chest exray and awaiting blood test getting results on thursday ?
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All you can really do at this point is try to stay calm ( easier said than done) until you get your results on Thursday. If the symptoms you have been experiencing get worse I would go to the ER to be checked.

Good Luck to you
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