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mitral value leakage

  My father was told he had congestive heart failure four years ago.
   He was immediately admited to the hospital for a mitral value replacement
  surgery and a double by-pass.  It the last month he noticed swelling in his
  legs and ankles, as well as shortness of breath.  Again, he went through a
  series of tests, the latest being a cardiac cath.  The results showed that
  his mitral vaule is leaking.  The doctor says the value is ok, but the
  stitches have come loose on the artifical value.  They say it is a serious
  leak.  He also has a rapidly weakening heart muscle.  He also has extremely
  high lung pressure. They said it should be about 30% and his is 75%.
  My first question is what is high lung pressure?  Secondly, they say they
  do not know if the surgery will do anything for him or if indeed he will
  live through surgery, due to the pressure in his lungs.  Can you tell me
  how this will effect them sewing his value again?  Third of all, they
  called his heart condition first very serious, now they say it is moderate.  What will happen
  But that there is a very high risk involved. If he does not get surgery,
  what will the pressure in lungs eventually do
  to him?
  Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.
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Dear Kris
High lung pressure is like having high blood pressure, only in the pulmonary circulation. However, it is even more serious. Valve surgery may help, but elevated pressure in the pulmonary circulation is not always reversible. The surgery sounds like it will be high risk. Without surgery, the condition will almost certainly deteriorate.
I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back.
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