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mitral valve insufficiency -- request for recommendations

I am 39 years old. I have appended my Echo Cardiogram report. Besides interpretation of my echo cardiogram to know what's significant, I would like answers to the following questions:

1) How do I prevent the insufficiency from progressing from moderate to severe?
i) Any dos and don'ts to be observed.
ii) Can I lift weights, i.e., do strength training. Can I lift heavy weights.

2) What is eccentric mitral insufficiency, i.e., what is the difference between this and non eccentric mitral
insufficiency. Is the prognosis for eccentric any different than for non eccentric mitral insufficiency.

3) I am 39 years old male. Weight 134 lbs, 5'10" tall. Read somewhere people with mitral value prolapse/insufficiency often have low body mass index (BMI). Is that true.

4) I haven't been sleeping well. Often sleep only 3 to 4 hrs and wake up tired. Can mitral valve insufficiency explain this.

5) I don't experience fatigue when I exercise but however the pulse monitoring that come with exercise machines often report my pulse rate to be nearer the higher end for my age range even when I am not pushing myself very significantly.

Thank you for your insights and comments.


My echo cardiogram report:

This was a technically adequate echocardiogram. M-mode measurements revealed
a left ventricular inner diameter at end diastole of 5.7 cm. The ejection fraction
measured 64%. Left atrial size was 4.4 cm.

2D examination: The patient did not have a significant pericardial effusion.
The right ventricle was normal. The left ventricle had intact systolic function.  It was
not grossly dilated. There was some asymmetric septal hypertrophy. The mitral leaflets
were redundant particularly at the tips. The patient had prolapse of the anterior leaflet.
The tricuspid and aortic valves appeared normal.  Minimal left atrial enlargement was present.
Doppler velocities revealed a tricuspid velocity of 2.3 metres per second. Color flow
interrogation revealed trace aortic, mild tricuspid, and moderate mitral insufficieny. The
mitral insufficiency was eccentric.

CONCLUSIONS: Redundancy of the mitral valve with prolapse of the anterior mitral leaflet.
This led to moderate eccentric mitral insufficiency. Left atrial size was only 4.4 cm. The
patient's ejection fraction was 64%. Left ventricular inner diameter at end diastole measured
5.7 cm.
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