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Last week I was hospitalized for what the doctors originally thought was a seizure.  Tests later showed no seizure activity.  While in the hospital they did an ultrasound on my heart, a stress test, an MRI, an Echocardiogram, and numerous blood test.  All results showed a primarily healthy heart.
For some reason, and I cant get a clear answer, the heart doctor ordered me a cardionet monitor to wear.  I had no idea he was going to do this, or why.  I was discharged from the hospital with the words, "you have a good strong healthy beating heart"
Any ideas why they would want me to wear one of these?
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Because you have a great doctor and he wanted to be sure: all perfect..... also whit this thing done on you the bill will be bigger for your insurance company. :)

Congratulation on your Strong Healthy Heart !!
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