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multiple mild leaky valves and pericardial effusion

Hi.. I just turned 40, and have a history of autonomic dysfuntion. (postural tachy syndrome & probable small fiber neuropathy). I had a seizure a few weeks ago. And have been running a low grade fever for months.  I take mestinon and bystolic for the p.o.t.s. But an echo I had back in dec showed tiny amount of pericardial effusion and trace tricuspid regurg. My newest echo showed some changes. Now it shows mild mitral regurg, mild sclerosis of aortic valve, mild aortic insufficiency, mild tricuspid regurg and small anterior pericardial effusion. It seems that a lot has changed in the 8 months since the last echo. I am a little scared and go back for another echo in about 10 days, at which point I will talk to my cardio about these changes. It worries me that all of a sudden it all seems a lot worse.

Does anyone know what it means to have aortic sclerosis and regurg at same time? Does this progress? And why is there fluid around my heart? Are these things progressive? Is it normal or 'mild' or benign to have all this happen at the same time and to develop within 8 months.

I also go in for colonoscopy next week for possible colitis. But i don't know yet.

I am panicking a little and wanted to see if you guys have experience with all the echo findings I listed, or if anyone knows what it means...

Thanks very much!!
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