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multiple wavelet theory vs. focal point in chronic a-fib

Posted By Tom Mahaffey on April 16, 1999 at 11:47:06
thanks for the wonderful forum...my question is quite specific regarding ablation of the a-v node to treat a-fib.
i am currently scheduled for an ablation procedure and implantation of a pacemaker to treat my chronic a-fib.  I have been in a-fib for at least three years and have trouble remembering what it feels like to be in a normal sinus rhythm.  All attempts at cardioversion, twice electrically and twice chemically failed.  Additionally, i am on multple meds to try to control my rate with little success (verapamil, digoxin, metoprolol, coumadin etc.).  Of course the condition limits my lifestyle (42 years old) and the lethargy produced by the multiple meds does not help.  so I have decided to take the next step and go with the ablation.
My question is that it has been recommended that the A/V node be ablated rather than doing an EP study to see if I have focal point a-fib.  I have been told that since my a-fib is chronic that it is most likely not caused by a specific focal point but rather multiple places (multiple wavelet theory) and that ablating the A/V node and implanting a pacemaker is the only way, short of a Maze procedure, to alleviate my symptoms.  Is this most likely true?
I have looked into the catheter based Maze procedure, but have been told that its efficacy is limited (because of the difficulty to produce uninterrupted lesions) and that it is quite risky due to the danger of stroke.
By the way, I understand that the pacemaker to be installed is one that will adjust to my level of physical activity on demand.  What is life like with one of these.  I would like to get back to playing 3 sets of singles tennis, running basketball etc.  Does a successful procedure produce that kind of prognosis?
Am I on the right track....or should I seek a third opinion.  If any other reader has gone thru what i am about to go thru please post your comments.
tom mahaffey

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