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Hi I'm a 28 year old white American LPN, not overweight, working in humanitarian relief in Africa.  I started noticing about 4 months ago that my heartbeat felt unusually strong at certain times, as if it were overcompensating for a certain level of stress of activity, and quite often I will feel rather SOB.    I happened to notice what I perceived as a very loud murmur in (i believe) the first heart sound over the region of the right atrium/tricuspid area,  center of the chest and slightly to the left.   It's only present though when my heart feels like it's overcompensating, it is very loud and there is an obvious lub-wooosh to be heard even with a $20 stethoscope.    I had an echo and EKG done with only trace/mild mitral regurgitation found, and I'm told heart sounds are absolutely normal at rest.   The climax of my story seems to be that I've been having extra beats as many as 20 per day, not too many, but some have been with near syncope, and I've never had these before.   Does this sound concerning.
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Your symptoms are not cardiac in origin, and this is further supported by the findings of the tests.  They may be vagal in nature and are probably brought out by increased stress levels.  eliminating or better coping with stress should make you feel better.  
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PS:   I should add that the symptoms/sounds were reproduced for EKG and it was still normal.
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I mean to say that I've had all the symptoms described while being actively monitored...strong, forceful heartbeat,  extra beats with near syncope.   We sort of set up a mock stress test if you will.
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