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mvp with mild regur and mild reg in other valves

i asked mt dr if a daily doseof 81 mg asprin would benefit me , i have mvp with mild regur and also 3 other leaky mild valves,He said yes , but neglected to tell me the beneifts of doing this,,Any help please would be appreciated,,thank u
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Aspirin is recommended when there is a risk for blood clots.  You have listed mild valve leakage, and that would not be a risk for blood clots.  There is a risk for clots when there are heart rhythm disorders, for instance,  very fast contractions of heart wallsthat  don't progress the blood flow normally and the blood could pool and clot.  Also, aspirin is an antiplatelet agent that helps prevent clots within the vessels and coronary arteries that could occludes the vessel and prevent good blood flow and/or clot that breaks away from a heart wall causing a heart attack or stroke.

Thanks for your question.  

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