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my heart has a ticking clock sound

My heart has a ticking clock noise. It gets very loud when my heart is beating very fast. Kind of sounds like it is coming out of my mouth. The ticking clock noise goes with the rhythm of my heart beat. But when I stand straight up it stops. When I lean over my bathroom sink to get closer to my mirror while I am doing my makeup this ticking noise occurs. I have notice it happens when I lean forward. I have no mechanical heart or valve, none of that. My heart has moments where it pounding so hard it hurts. I get chest pains. The right side of my left breast hurts all the time in one spot.  I am 16 years old and am prefectly healthy. No high blood pressure. No diabetes. I Don't do drugs and alcohol. Only medicine I take is for my adhd called adderall xr 15mg. Hear is a link to youtube of the recording of my hears ticking noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwU9YTTfowo
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Well, if this is genuine and not a time wasting hoax, you seriously need to get to the hospital immediately. Why do I say hoax? because the only thing which can produce a clicking sound in the heart is the mechanical valves and you would need a leaflet to be hanging off for such a loud sound, but even then it would be a different sound. According to your sample, your heart rate was in excess of 170 bpm at the start which is ridiculously high unless you had just run a marathon. Also if you had a valve in that condition you would already be in hospital having surgery because you would be near death.
Or he could just very well be Astro Boy.
I can’t hear the recording as it is no longer on youtube, but I can assure you it probably wasn’t a hoax.   I have a clicking and squeaking noise in time with my heartbeat that is loudest from my mouth.  I also have shortness of breath and some other symptoms, so a cardiologist is doing a full workup.  You can hear mine here:

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!!! The same thing happens to me! And it started around when I was 15/16 (I'm 19 now) and its still happening to me. its usually after I move around too much or take a shower, but sometimes it just makes that ticking sound just because! I went to the doctors but Im pretty sure they didnt believe me,, its not like I can make it tick whenever I want. One doctor I saw was actually pretty rude and was very obvious he didnt believe or like me, so after that I decided to not bother anymore, but Im still concerned and curious. If you found out what was wrong or happening I would really like to know, thank you and good luck ✨
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What was the outcome of this? I have had this for years.
Any news ???
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I have the same thing happen to me and I thought I was crazy till one day some one said, do you guys hear something ticking? And the next day I was laying down and heard it and it made me realize that it’s as probably me that she heard ticking from. I have good cardio and excersise regularly. I’m afraid to speak up about it because people might think I’m crazy or dumb.
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fast heart beat with no reson you have wolf white parkison sydrome   i have the same thing it was found on a ecg so ask for a ECG and then if you have a good doctor they well see you have WOLF WHITE PARKISON SYDROME
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This is serious you should visit a doctor that for sure .
May god will help you thanks.
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