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my mother heart problem

my mother got some heart valve problem like 2 valve became narrow, here is the details given,kindly suggest for operation or not?

Patient'sI D. : 17530000028522 ! ReportD ate: 04.12.12
Patient's Name : Mrs Tara Chaturvedi I Ref. By :Dr. B. Kumar
: 52 Yrs/F
Mitral valve (Rheumatic):
- Thickenedl eafletsR. estrictedm ovemento f PML.
- Mild subvalvular fusion. No calcification.
- Orifice area: 0.9 sq.cm (PHT) & 0.9 sq.cm (Planimetry).
- Pressure gradient: 11 mmHg (mean), 23 mmHg ( Peak).
- Trivial MR
Rheumatic aortic valve disease:
- Three cusps-thickenedN. o calcification.
- No significant pressure gradient across the valve.
- MiId AR
Left ventricle: Normal size LV cavity.
Good LV systolic function with ejection fraction:65 7o.
Reporto f Echocardiosraphv/ColoDuor pplers tudies
DATA (all values in cms):
Aortic Root I t:Ttl LV end-diastolic diameter t*a:.]
Left atrium f-"1 LV Post-wall thickness l-lr I
lRightV entricle/ RA I ILVe nd-systolicd iameter I I- ,-€--_l
tr f*6s"/"
Brahmananda Narayana Hrudayalaya
Tamoli(aD istS. eraikela-KharsawBaNnH),M oreN, earP ardihC howkN, H-33J, amshedpuJrh, arkhan-d 8 31012
rer: 065-7 . ru oo?k,fllj "u?31;19P"o"o: itn;.f:oT@",'b onrhgin
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In general, mitral valve surgery is recommended in patients have symptoms of heart failure like shortness of breath with exertion or high pressures in the pulmonary arteries along with moderate or severe mitral stenosis, which it sounds like your mother currrently has judging by the few numbers that I can read from the post. Rheumatic mitral stenosis, which it sounds like your mother may have, can also sometimes avoid surgery and be treated with a balloon dilation of the valve though this is only in certain patients and is a decision that needs to be made by her cardiologist. I would recommend that you discuss the need for surgery or balloon dilation of the mitral valve with her cardiologist. I hope this helps. Good luck
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