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myocardial perfusion scan results

A week and a half ago I had a exercise stress myocardial perfusion scan done.  Some of the results are as follows: 1. Good functional aerobic capacity patient achieving 10.1 METS. 2.At peak exercise ekg reveal sinus tachycardia with lmm horizontal ST depression . . .consistent withy stress-induced ischemia.  3.Normal SPECT myocardial perfusion scan . . .4. Transient ischemic dilation of the left vetrical with TID of 1.42 suggestive balanced ischemia. 4. Normal left ventricular size and systolic function ejection fracture of 72%.
My question is what doest this mean for me and for further procedures or tests.
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Good functional is a good prognostic sign.  ST-depression is a concerning finding.  Of particular concern is the finding of "transient ischemic dilatation" (TID) that can be because of disease in many coronary arteries.  It is reassuring that your heart function is normal (EF 72%).  Usually a finding of TID leads to a recommendation for a coronary angiogram (left heart catheterization) to determine if there are any significant blockages in your coronary arteries that should be opened with stents or bypass surgery.  Your cardiologist will help you make the decision regarding the appropriate next step.  If you are not comfortable with the recommendations of your current physician, I recommend that you seed a second opinion from a cardiologist.  If you do seek a second opinion, it is very important that you bring the reports from your previous tests, including lab tests and the images from any cardiac tests (such as echocardiograms) that you have received.
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Thank you for your information.  My cardiologist did make the decision to do an angiogram on Monday the 31st.  The test showed no blockage. Still some confusion about the descrpency with the 1.42 TID.  Cardiologist is also working on problems with increased heart rate upon exertion with a prescription of Coreg along with my Lisinopril and considering using a monitoring device.  Once again thank you for taking the time to respond.
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