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nagging heart pain

ive recently have has axeity attacks, its scared me back into geting my life back on track and living healthy. im 21 male and i am a smoker. trying to change that., i recently went on the ice for a couple light skates, i didnt push myself to hard becuase i have been inactive for a couple years and i was worried about having a heart attack cause i tend to push to much when i train and im no longer a kid, but i used to be very active. my heart didnt bother me while i went for my skate but afterwards i started getting this nagging pain by my heart. its got me worried, if anyone could give me some advice or insight ont his id be very appreciative.

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Probably due to deconditioning, doubt if you have any heart issues at 21, it's possible but it would be very, very rare.

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thanks jon, i also like to add i am currently taking zyprexia 5mg once at night.and take cipralex 10 mg and lorazepam 1mg twice daily.
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I would c a cardiologist and have a stress test, ecg and echo to c d status of my heart, how is ur bp
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