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nanna showed signs of a stroke

hi there i am hoping you and answer my questions, last thursday my nanna was sat infront of me having her nails done when you picked up her cup of tea and her arm went limp resulting in her spilling it, she then looked at me and tried to tell me that she has spilt it her mouth seem to droop to the right and she speecj was slured, then passed out, i was sure my nanna was having a stroke and we called 999, when in the ambulance my mother noticed around her eyes went balck and when she asked the question why they did not know. the hospital gave my nanna who is 79 a check over and said it is one off thouse things and sent her home. a week on my family and i are not happy with the outcome as my nanna is still feeling off it within her self with lack of energy and feeling very weak, how do we get the doctore to run tests to see if she has suffered a mini stroke TIA please help as we are at the doctors tomorrow at 2.40 and we do not want to fobbed off as we really do not want to have to wait till another attack of worse the loss of someone we love and care for. claire YORK
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Insist that they do a CT scan of her head to see if she has had a stroke.  If she has had a stroke, she needs to be a medication to prevent another one.  If her eyes were black, most likely it was her pupils dilating and this could mean brain damage.  Tell her doctors that you need answers because she is not the same.  
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