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nuclear stress test

I have LV ejection fraction is above normal, defect in lateral wall motion suggesting area of inducible ischemic,RV reduced systolic on resting . OK thats way over my head. This whole test started with a few bouts of heartburn 2 months ago. Does anyone have an idea what I'm looking forward to ? Meds  stents whatever . Thanks for your help
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Didn't your doctor discuss results with you.  Hard to give any advice with so little information.
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As for the heart burn... I had a similar symptom and it was suggested I take pepcid ac 20 mg twice a day.  seems to help but don't want to take it every day if I don't have to.
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An EF above normal can be your cardiovascular system is overcompensating for some deficiency.  Usually the left ventricle is slightly enlarged which increases contractility.  Normal EF is 50 to 70%.

Inducible ischemia indicates the test shows some blockage with stress.  Defect of wall motion at the location sited and that could be due to that location's heart cells are not receiving sufficient blood supply.

RV systolic refers to the right ventricle's pumping phase has reduced functionality.  

The significance may may not be any concern in terms of how well your heart is functioning but there are issues that require treatment.  
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