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nuclular stress test please explain.

findings, stress-rest cardiac spect imaging was performed in sagittal, axial and coronal planes. on the stress images, there is small to moderate area of decreased perfusion involving the anterolateral to apical wall of myocardium that appears smaller than  previous exam, also, there is some degree of septal thinning noted.
On the rest images, the small area of anterior apical wall reverses consistent with ischemia
Ef.. is 71% total severity score 18 on rest and 142 on stress reversibility severity score is 11.
Partially reversible ischemia in LAD circumflex Territory:  
What do the numbers mean? the words ? please could you help me This was down last Tuesday and I see specialist the 17th of August. My medical doctor told me to keep my nitro handy and to take a baby asprin in the morning and at night before bed.?
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In short it means that parts of your heart seem to suffer from lack of oxygen (ischemia) under certain circumstances.
It is reversible, which means that in rest the oxygen supply is sufficient and no permanent heart muscle damage is taking place.
It is not unimaginable that your heart gets into trouble under non optimal circumstances again (physical or emotial stress, cold weather ...). Therefore you need to keep the nitro handy, which temporarily widens the coronary arteries and thus increase blood flow, in case you develop any symptoms of ischemia again.

Take care and let us know what your consult tomorrow brings.
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Thank you so much for your comment.

I messed up on my office visit date it is the 23rd of august. But will let you know what he says.


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can you tell me what it means when it said  

some degree of septal thinning noted. my mom had thicking. and had a pacemaker and a defibulator?
Thinning of the septal wall (wall between the right and left ventricle) can be the result of ischemia. It is often reversible when the cause is taken away.

Wall thickening often occurs when patients have prolonged periods of high blood pressure or other conditions that require the heart to work harder than normal.
Doctor visit was yesterday, having a heart cath on Monday.
Good to hear that they are taking action so quick.
Do not worry about the cath procedure. It is almost painless and done in no time.
Please let us know what the outcome is.
Take care,
No blockage. have followup on the 9th. go Friday for heart halter moniter. Do they think i'm crazy.. I know I felt.. it scared me to death. Now I feel like I'm a fool..
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