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" i am a 36 year old male who just lost 70 pounds. I go to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week.  I always use the same treadmill and most times my heart rate is 150 at its max, but sometimes it goes as high as 180 and takes forever get down to 100 and i dont understand why.  I have wore an event monitor for 21 days and all it showed up that i had inappriote sinus tachycardia, but when i went to get a second opinion from another cardiologist, he had me wear a holter monitor for 48 hours and my average heart rate was 77 and said that my heart wasnt tachy.  I have had every heart test under the sun down, echo,, echo stress, monitors and all come up normal.  My question is if I am on the treadmill and i exercise at 3.8 miles with a 3.5 incline is a 156 heart rate to high,. Bottom line I think my heart rate is too high when i do physical activity.
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I'd try a different treadmill.  Heart rate monitors on machines are often way off base.  Also, Kenkeith gives good advice about other factors... metabolic changes affect the heart.  Are you diatbetic?  Losing 70 pounds rapidly has to have given your basal metabolism a wedgie, it's going to take a while to stabalize.  
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There may be exceptions but the general rule is 220 minus your age and that would indicate 184 bpm for you..  

An abnormal recovery is considered to be less than 12 beats per minute. Factors  contributing to a slow recovery:...time for your recovery should be about 7 minutes to get to 100!
"Slow recovery times essentially indicate that your heart is having trouble recovering. Several factors contribute to a slow recovery heart rate. Habits such as smoking and a lack of physical activity can cause slow recovery times. Physical concerns such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and blood vessel blockages can also contribute to a slow recovery time".

Hope this helps give you a perspective.
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