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Hi All, I had a pacemaker fitted last april since then i have been really tired, i have had a few problems along the way, my lung collapsed then i had water on it now i have blood on it, but it,s the tiredness i cant cope with even if i sleep for over 12 hours, im wondering if anyone else has been through this.

Thanks Jo
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Yes, I have experienced what you are reporting.  An important question... at the time of the pacer  implantation, were you prescribed any new medications, or existing medications bumped up in dosage?
After my pacer was implanted, I became quite tired easily, as you described.  I had them check it again, and it was re-programmed, I was told the pacer was working me too hard.  It was adjusted and I felt much better.  At the time, my ejection fraction was quite low (that's the efficiency rating of my heart) and the pacer was adjusted to do more of the heavy hauling, so to speak.  I felt much, much better after the adjustment.  I have an appointment soon with them again as I'm noticing I'm struggling when working out, and the pacemaker representative will be there too, it may have to be re-programmed again.
I absolutely love my pacemaker, it has been a very positive help to my cardiac health, but it has to be checked and often re-programmed as my heart needs change.
Keep us informed.
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Hi and thanks for the reply, I have been on the same meds since before the implant which i am not happy about and i dont have an appointment till april to review them, i dont really understand about the settings of the pacer all i know is its set at 50 beats which is if my heart rate drops to that it will kick in, i havent a clue what ejection fraction is, i have low blood pressure and it was dropping suddenly causing me to faint and my heart stopping hence the pacer, i really havent felt any benefits from mine yet as i still have the symptoms that i am about to faint but dont, is there anything you think i should ask my dr when i see him?

Thanks again Jo
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Keep in mind, I'm not a health professional, but I do have a pacer.  A setting of 50 bpm sounds low to me, and my guess is you are being paced too low.  I have two suggestions, I'd post your question on the medhelp forum that deals with problems like yours:  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Heart-Rhythm/show/92
I'd contact the manufacturer of the pacer, you have a card that tells you how to contact them, and I'd relay your concerns to them.  I'm betting they will contact your doctor and possibly intervene.  
I do hope you stay in touch.  
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I understand your not a health professional but your experienced words do help, I also thought it was set too low but then reasoned that if it was set any higher it would be kicking in every 5 mins as i have slow beat anyway round 60-65, how are you anyway, was looking at your pics you have a beautiful family, I will stay in touch.
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Visit      www. icdsupportgroup.org      It is totaly about pacers. They will answer questions.
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Hi how are you feeling now, is your situation better.  My father is having similar issues as you have described, have you worked out what the problem was.
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