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pain down left arm

does anyone know of any reasons someone would have chest pains with corresponding left arm pain? other than a cardiac problem.
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Hyperventilating from anxiety or muscle pain from injury or spasm.
But it should be checked out anyway as if it is heart related it should be investigated.

Good luck to you or whoever.
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thank you very much, i was just wondering if you knew what test's would be a good idea to investigate. i have already had a ct scan, chest x ray, several ekg's, a cardiac echo, a sed rate, and i have an upcoming stress test. any others you think i should look into?

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if all those tests came out normal, I would kind of doubt this is cardiac.  What do your docs say?
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my doctors seem clueless as to what is wrong im actually going to see my pcp later today, and im hoping he has some ideas. it seems every doctor i go see just wants to pass me off to the next because they dont know whats wrong with me. i have seen my pcp several times, a cardiologist, a therastic doctor, a gastrointerologist, and a muscular skelital doctor.
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I, too, have seen a number of docs about my chst pain, left arm pain and jaw pain (oh yeah, and HORRIBLE heartburn that seems to be unrelated to food).  All classic symptoms and I am very concerned about it.  But, FOUR cardios have found nothing and I have had the full run of tests and then some.  My last workup was at the Mayo Clinic and they were VERY thorough!  Thank God nothing is wrong with my heart but there is still the chest pain and arm pain both which are pretty bad since yesterday.  It is scary when you don't know what is causing the physical symptoms and I hope your doctor visit went well and you got the answers you need!!

Take Care.
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Tann, I have also experiencd the same pain as you have in 2004. My family dr put me on nexium for thirty days he said to heal the asofagus . welk it worked but it came back for a lil bit in2010 so i did the nexium thing again and it went away.well as i type this today it is paining me so i will try the nexium thing again and hope it will keep it away for many more years..but someone had told me that it was because my foods were setteling on top of my stomach.but that's all i know and can share hope you find some relief soon it is a very very painful thing to endure.

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