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pain under right arm pit

Hi I am a 37 yr old female who thought I went to the er for heartburn,and ended up showing heart attack on ekg had a cabg done on 4/11/2015 ,this is so scary I'm depressed panicking and afraid to death for my life,was formally a smoker and suffered with high blood pressure,I don't know what's normal from what's not,all kinds of pains and aches,but I been having pain under right arm I know they used my mamory gland but it was left side..anyone else with this...I have a 3 month old and I'm literally scared to death....depressed this is a grey area..
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You haven't had your bypass surgery for very long at all. I would put up with the pains until roughly 6 months have passed. I had a triple bypass at the age of 47 and it took a whole year before I felt normal again. However, after 6 months the worst pains all subsided. Some people take much longer than others for recovery and like me you sound like you could be one of the slower ones. It seems very odd though because I was the first out of hospital after surgery from the group who had bypasses that day, yet it took far longer to fully recover.
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Thank you,there are others to be able to talk to, I done very well in hospital,came off life support and was moved from icu on 2 nd day was home by day 4 I was scared to death once I got home with no medical monitoring or staff,I'm still sooo scared.I'm on nicoteen patches...
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You will be fine, just don't lift anything heavy and take your medications :)
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