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palpitation, fatigue, chills!

  Hi...I have asthma and am currently taking Proventil, Vanceril and Beconase 2-3
  x day. My heart skips beats daily...usually in the evening. Although this is scary,
  I'm not terribly worried, just want to know if this is a side effect from the drugs.
  My mother has a pace maker, and her father died from heart attack.
  My other concern is recent chills at night. I have NO FEVER, the house is warm (at least my
  husband complains that it is!:) ), and my hands, feet and nose are like ice.
  I am worried that this could be some kind of circulation problem. Any clues?
  My thermometer reads 97.8 to 98.3...what's the deal w/that? Is that the cause for the chills?
  How do I remedy this because it is really awful?
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Dear Karen, thank you for your question.  The proventil inhaler frequently causes
palpitations or skipped beats.  Proventil is a beta-agonist that acts on beta
receptors in the bronchioles to decrease bronchoconstriction and relieve the
symptoms of asthma.  Even though there are different kinds of beta receptors in
the heart, there is some cross-reactivity so that the heart's beta receptors
are stimulated by beta agonists.  As a result, premature atrial and ventricular
contractions frequently occur which feel like "skipped" beats.  These extra
beats are benign and should not be cause for concern.  As for the chills you're
experiencing, it doesn't sound like you're having an infection nor that the
chills are being caused by the asthma medications.  You may have reduced circulation
to the extremities.  This is called Raynaud's Phenomenon and when it occurs, the
fingers or toes become white and pale; cold hands and feet are not enough to make
the diagnosis.  If you are concerned about this problem, then you should see your
physician.  In the meantime, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco would help.
I hope you find this information useful.
Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only.  Specific
diagnoses and therapies can only be provided by your physician.

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