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palpitations/ left side chest pain

Well today I went to Lafayette to see the Doctor over there and the charity hospital and she reviewed my records and listened to my heart. She said that she didn't hear a murmor so she dont know how they got "moderate tricuspid regurgatation" out of one of my echo's. So she said they she is going to send me an appointment in the mail to repeat the echo, and I also told her about the skipped beats that I've been feeling in my chest and throat so she reviewed my stress test and holter monitor I had done about 2 years ago and she said it showed "late beats" not pvc's or pac's.  She said something about the atria not pumping fast enough or something like that, (didn't really explain it to well). So we are going to repeat the holter monitor also. My question to you is "what does she mean that it showed "late beats" what are they, are they dangereous, what could be the cause for them??  Also when I was driving home, back to Lake Charles, the left side of my chest started hurting really bad and my left arm hurt severely and my left hand and finger's went numb and were tingling so I went the the Christus St. Patricks hospital here in Lake Charles and they ran ekg, and chest x-ray and said perfectly normal, and gave me a prescription for Hyroxyzine Pamoate (Vistaril).  Thanks so much for your time, word's can't explain how grateful I am for your help. Thanks again!

my question is how do they determine if the palpitations are dangerous or could be? what palpitations are dangerous? today when i was working pretty strenous I noticed i was getting them alot more often, and then for about an hour after i stopped, which makes me think that they were "exercise induced", i also still get them when just sitting around.  mainly feel them in my throat, if I had to guess i would say i feel them at least 50 times a day.  also could these be dangerous with my "moderate tricuspid valve regurgatation"?  could drinking beer/alcohol cause them to be or get dangerous? thanks so much also every doc that i've been to and they listened to my heart so they didn't hear a murmor. could that be possible with tricuspid regurg. like i said i had two echo's first one about 2 yrs ago, normal, and the 2nd one about 1 yr ago, "moderate tricuspid regur."
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Hallo there!

I am 32, female.

Any palpitation/irregularity that comes from the Ventricle is considered as being dangerous - the rest are just annoying.  I have mild Mitral Valve Regurg, went to 3 different GP's but they can't hear the murmur, but if I go to my Cardio for an Echo he can see from the "blue" on the colour dobbler that there is a lot of blood pumping back and that the valves are not closing properly.  GP's are not heart-specialists and they can't always here our murmurs, but the proof lies in the Echo and scans.

I want you to know that you are not alone.  I used to get around 14000 PVC's daily and PSVTachy and went for Ablation in Nov. 2007 to correct it.  EP could not fix the problem and was only able to Ablate 1 of the 3 conductors.  I still get daily PVC's (maybe around 100 a day) and sometimes PSVT, but it is much better now, without meds. than before the Ablation.  I also get that feeling in my throat when my heart is not pumping right.  My husband think I am weird because he does not feel his pulse in his throat :)

hope I was of some help to you.
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