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palpitations and gas???

i'm 36 for the past few weeks @ night i wake up with palpitations then i get a quick ache in the chest then start burping for the next hour ....then the anxiety kicks and am stuck up the rest of the night....i went to doc and had a couple EKGs now and had a echo about 4 months ago which were all normal.....i know i suffer from acid reflux as well..................my doc tells me to try to take it easy....that is not working....what know?
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forgot to add i have and ache on my left side right where the ribcage ends when i twist far to the right if that means anything
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hi I'm new to this community.i have been having gas and palpitations for a very long time.i went to check everything and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.i noticed whenever i eat spicy foods,salad,fruits,vegetables,oily foods or do something very fast, that i have no time to think which is when  i get palpitations.i am also trying to lose weight which is why i also tend to watch all out for all of these foods

during the moments i get the palpitations i am not able to speak because i feel very bad.. i am also taking blood pressure medicine.i take accephix when i take this medicine during this time ,i feel better .sometimes i take zantac but it does not help me.also when i having this problem as a cure , i have to burp the whole day and then, slowly my palpitations are gone.to get better i also take ginger ale. does anybody have this problem?

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HELLO, I have just found this site, posted a query, but had no response as yet, but your symptoms are exactly like mine. I have had very serious increased beats, and been sent to hospital several times,  tests show nothing. Put on medication to slow down beat, but this didn't stop an attack a few days back.
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ME -  I can eat something - usually wheat - but not always, then I feel like I have a brick lodged in the top half of my stomache.  I know I also have osophagas problem, (forgive wrong spelling).   THEN my heart rate gets quicker and quicker, until I feel like I am going to pass out. (lack of oxygen)  this can happen if I get up after a starchy meal and try to walk. I can only lie down, wherever I am, havn't got the strength to talk to explain what is happening to me to anyone. I am lucky if someone is with me.    No-one seems to realize how dreadful this makes you feel, like your dying isn't it.  It lasts for about 20 mins.     I would like to hear from you on how you may have dealt with it.   Thanks, (I'm in England)
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Join the club with palps and gas problems at night .. even in the day it happens.
Iv had them for years and been in the ER 4times with them. $$$$  
needless to say im not happy about it !  I found if you eat before you go to bed -gas can bulid up big time. so I stop eatting at 5pm  no more after that -excpet water to drink..
I use to take zantac for heartburn and acid reflux - however that has a side effect of guess what !  rapid heart beats -palps so on .. so becarefull with that one !! the belive alot of palps are triggered from trapped gas problems and gas, that pushes upwords to the chest area. as with me 99% of the time, I get a palp and its followed by a burp !
or lots of burps (gas)  I take gas x pills 2 at time . this helps alot.. but palps dont seem to stop ..from what iv read online and asked a few Doctors -cardiologests , palps mostly
happen from dehydration - and also eletrolites out of wack !   as well with me im damaged goods - as my palps started from a overdose of procardia ccb med for b.p by a
intern (doctor) years ago - that kept pushing the dose up.. untill I came down with palps
and was in the ER . on myback !   these darn things can stop for years at a time.. but then come back at the worse ever times -unexpected !  and tear you apart !   wicked they are !!   there are two meds that work for palpaitions - stop them - but the side effects
out waigh takeing them . doctors dont give these drugs out .. and try to treat us with normal b.p meds first.    I wish there was a med -that would stop the palps totaly forever
and cure the problem - with out any side effects !    

thanks for reading this post . Ed
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I'm having the same symptoms: tachy, skipped beats, acid reflux, hard to sleep, uncomfortable feeling around my diaphragm, anxiety. These occur when I eat a large meal or have lots of gas/bloating. I find the main culprits for bloating, for me, are raw garlic & onions.

Check out these discussion of the same symptoms:

Basically, I gather these symptoms can be explained by one or both of the following:

- Hiatal hernia
- Vagus nerve irritation

I also get the impression these are common and widely misdiagnosed conditions. Hope that helps someone. I am going to book in for some tests first thing tomorrow.
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