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palpitations and gas??

hi I'm new to this community.i have been having gas and palpitations for a very long time.i went to check everything and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me.i noticed whenever i eat spicy foods,salad,fruits,vegetables,oily foods or do something very fast, that i have no time to think which is when  i get palpitations.i am also trying to lose weight which is why i also tend to watch all out for all of these foods

during the moments i get the palpitations i am not able to speak because i feel very bad.. i am also taking blood pressure medicine.i take accephix when i take this medicine during this time ,i feel better .sometimes i take zantac but it does not help me.also when i having this problem as a cure , i have to burp the whole day and then, slowly my palpitations are gone.to get better i also take ginger ale. does anybody have this problem?

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YES !!!!  
I sure do !!   palpatations drive me right up a wall at  times !  
Im on b.p meds too !  was on a beta blocker med to stop the palps ,it helped but caused other adverse side effects to happen to me !  then was put on ccb verapamil , they say it helps stop palps .. ( I dont say that )  as I still have them off and on..

I found by trying to eat right - more blan foods - and keeping off soda pops totaly helps
I take gas x  when needed  1 to 2 pills - then like you I take zantac 150 pills 2 to 3 times a day to stop reflux and burping -heartburn problems !  

Im slightly overwaight with a pot belly condition (thanks to toprol xl)  6years on that
it caused waight gain !!  as I never was fat before !!

I found after years of having problems with trapped gas , and heartburn , I had gotten Gerd !!    so im treating that now ..

beware alot of b.p meds  ,can cause Gerd to happen !   long or even short term useage.

I am starting next week- a natural Gerd stopping routine !  and will keep on the meds
daily -  if your interested in knowing what im taking that is natural will let you know
via postings here. or contact me ..
they say the stuff stops bloating belly conditions and gas -totaly ! and also heartburn
as well in time it will lower the blood pressure down -  ( this I have to see )
as so far nothing natural really worked for me !    

but its worth a try !  

take care  Boogernose
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Hi, This is second attempt at comment - perhaps no luck first time.   I also have serious palpitations, so bad I cannot even speak and have to lie down until they subside, about 25 mins. Serious lack of oxygen at that time, often carted off to hospital, many times.   no-one seems to know exactly what this is,     BUT  it seems to happen after a meal, heavy or otherwise, then getting up to walk or move in any way.    All strength goes from my body and the palpitations start.  Having this for about 10 years now.  The indigestion (or whatever it is) can start after a heavy or light snack.    Anyone  elseany comments please.     I am in England.           Thanks   Palps.
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I'm having the same symptoms: tachy, skipped beats, acid reflux, hard to sleep, uncomfortable feeling around my diaphragm, anxiety. These occur when I eat a large meal or have lots of gas/bloating. I find the main culprits for bloating, for me, are raw garlic & onions.

Check out these discussion of the same symptoms:

Basically, I gather these symptoms can be explained by one or both of the following:

- Hiatal hernia
- Vagus nerve irritation

I also get the impression these are common and widely misdiagnosed conditions. Hope that helps someone. I am going to book in for some tests first thing tomorrow.
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