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panic attack or heart attack

How to tell it is panic attack or heart attack? I been having chest pain on and off for 2 years, but recently i felt my chest always very  heavy and the pain in the left breast and my back , sometime my heart pound very fast for a min, and i would took xanex to relieve my symptom, it's go away but my chest still feel very uncomfortable and tired. I went through chest ct scan,  echodiagram, ecg, stress test, holter for one day, but all result show fine, but i'm still worry that my problem was not detacted as its even comes in the night to wake me and  my body feel hot. The test i had is it enough? Can all the test rule out that i don't have heart problem ?Am  I'm just having anxiety?
Can xanex calm my heart down if its really an heart attack or unstable angina??? If it can, does it tell that it's just an panic attack??
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If you are having a panic attack, you would be getting a rush of adrenaline which would make your heart race.  The racing can leave your chest feeling strange or sore. I have had this myself, not so much from a panic attack, but from having an adrenal condition.  This hereditary adrenal condition is triggered by caffeine, exercise, black licorce as stated by my cardiologist.  A low dose of Atenolol (beta blocker) would help if it was due to an adrenaline condition instead of an panic attack.  Usually, when having a heart attack it starts in the center of the chest and spreads outward, upward, and sometimes down the arms.  Some people only experience shortness of breath from having a small heart attack.  A person can feel lightheaded, faint, unable to move because of the pain, extreme pressure in the center of the chest, vibrating in the back, it can spread to the neck and throughout the chest area.  Is your blood pressure normal?  Are your cholesterol levels normal?  Do you eat healthy?  Any heart disease in the family?  If you are worried about having a heart attack, you can ask your doctor if you can take a low dose 81mg aspirin a day.  I have been taking that dose for awhile now because it helps with the mild chest pain that I have and my family history of heart disease on my mom's side of approximately over 100 relatives and about 20 relatives on my dad's side.  Once we had two relatives in two separate hospitals having heart surgery on the same day at the same time, both unexpected.  Ask your doctor if this can be more of an adrenal condition rather than a panic attack as you seem to get them at night also.  My relatives get heart racing at night also and I have started that also lately, last few months.  
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