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plavix and aspirin

There seems to be conflicting information about taking Plavix if you are on aspirin therapy.  My father does not have any current heart condition, but felt a twinge and was going to go in for a test.  In preparation for the test, or just as a precaution, he was put on Plavix even though he was on aspirin therapy.  He does not have high blood pressure and is diabetic.  Before the test could be performed, he had a massive gastrointestinal bleed.  After a week in the hospital, and many blood transfusions, he is home recovering.  The source of the bleeding was never found, but apparently resolved itself.  He still wants to go for this test, but we are worried about him going on Plavix again.  There is also a small possibility that he would need a stent.  What would be the proper way to go about this?  Did the Plavix cause the bleed or could it have been something small that would have just resolved itself without issue had he not been on Plavix?  I have read so often that you should not take Plavix and aspirin, but it seems to also be common to prescribe both plavix and aspirin in certain situations.  I am worried and confused.  Thanks.
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Coated aspirin is usually recommended for someone who may have bleeding problem, if at all.  Plavix is contraindicated for someone with a bleeding history, and the probability is high the bleeding episode is the result of the medication.

Plavix and aspirin a recommended dual therapy for someone who has a drug eluding stent implant for a duration of a year or so.  There is some evidence the therapy reduces restenosis...after a year or so the regimen is just a baby aspirin  
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