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plavix and root canal treatment

I take plavix since 2005, have 11 stents, 8 are coated stents.
Must have a root canal this week. Do i need to stop taking the plavix
if yes how long before procedure or can I continue taking the plavix
through the procedure? I never feel good when I stop my plavix.
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My dad just had a stent put in two weeks ago and needs root canal!  How soon did you have dental work?  Hi cardiologist wants him to wait two months!  Please help!
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I have been on Plavix since June 2008. I have had lots of dental work done including removing two wisdom teeth. No problem.
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The American Dental Association has agreed with the American Heart Association and the AMA, that there are no dental procedures that require the patient to stop Plavix. I read this yesterday, and the article mentioned that much to their dismay, cardiologist were still hearing from their patients that some nutty dentists were still asking them to stop Plavix for a procedure.
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My cardiologist would not let my dentist allow me to stop taking Plavix for even 5 days to alleviate my pain  due to a cavity .The dentist is bent upon my discontinuing Plavix to enable filling of the cavity or do root canal to solve the problem.
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