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My husband is 64 had  5 bipass surgery in 2002. we moved to new hampshire 2 years ago & his caardiologist wants to stop his plavix... He has been told the risk is too high for bleeding. 8 years on, is this good?


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My grandma had triple bypass surgery and was on coumadin (anticoagulant) for the rest of her life (not sure if she was on it prior- she did have a pacemaker already).  I'd get a second opinion for sure.
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I would have thought 8 years is easily enough time, and I'm sure a clotting factor blood test has been performed. After my initial stent I was taken off plavix after 2 years and had no problems at all. I am obviously on aspirin for life.
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I forgot to mention, when I had my bypass surgery, I was not given plavix at all. I was only taking aspirin then.
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There may be exceptions, but plavix doesn't outweigh the probability for excessive bleeding for almost all conditions except plavix seems to be helpful to prevent blood clotting at a site that has been stented with a drug eluding stent specific for for the clotting issue... discontinued after a year.  It is not a settled issue and opinions continue to change.

Your cardiologist is in a position to know what is best for you, and the risk of excessive bleeding is risk I wouldn't take!
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