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please share...

I am taking 50mg Toprol XL...along with coumadin, for an a-fib event last week. I just switched taking the toprol from morning to the evening to ward off side effects. They are still horrible! Don't feel good, foggy, can't function! How can I live like this?? How has anyone else fared on this stuff? Please share! makes me want to quit taking it!
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I've been on Toprol XL since October 2006.  Initially I took only 25 mg in the morning.  Since January 2007, due to an increase in my PVC's and Pac's my dosage was increased.  I now take 25 mg in the morning and another 25 mg at night.  I don't know if the split in the dosage makes a difference with the  lack of problems, but other than a little fatigue, I've had no problems.  Good luck to you.
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I have already answered you on one of your previous posts, but I wanted to let you know, in case you didn't read it, I had the exact same foggy feeling you describe.  I took the Toprol until I couldn't stand it anymore, then I was switched to the generic form of the same drug, metoprolol.  It was not time released like the Toprol XL is.  It is more of an immediate acting drug.  I had almost none of the same side effects.  But I quit taking it anyway because I wasn't getting any relief of the ectopic beats anyway.  I went off it five or six months ago all together and I have not had any repeat episodes of the a-fib for a year.  Good luck!
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The Toprol will make you feel groggy for a little while, but this usually goes away with continued treatment.  Best of luck to you in getting the afib under control.
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I take 100mg of  toprol xl at bedtime and just started 50 mg in the morning. It has helped calm things down but I still have daily episodes of paroxsymal atrial fib. Have been on toprol xl for quite a few years now. A recent heart cath got the PAF started. Not fun.
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