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poundin heart and persistant palpitations

i am a 36 yr old mother of 4, anxiety and stress problems, experiencing persistant heart palpitations and anxiety, pounding heaRT episodes. some during or after meals. no matter what im doing. lying down, sitting, working...this stops me from a lot of activities. very sad most of the time due to these episodes. have had stress test in 2008 at clev. clinic. history of murmur and mvp just recently said i have mvr as well. large goiter said to b possibly pressingon nerves in neck.  please give me some insight. and is it ok to do exercises? im v.ery scared and depressed

thank you, homer1231 from salem
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Hello, thank you for your question. It is not possible for me to safely answer your questions about exercising without more information. Now, if you are having palpitations, the most reasonable thing to do is to go to your cardiologist. Your physician will be able to evaluate your heart rhythm with an ECG, or over the course of days with a holter monitor. Also, additional tests such as stress testing and an echocardiogram could be helpful in sorting out the cause of your symptoms, and their connection to any heart disease or heart valve problems that you may have.
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