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premature atrial contraction

Posted By  CCF Cardio MD-APS on September 04, 1997 at 04:59:17:

In Reply to: premature atrial contraction posted by melvin todd on August 25, 1997 at 16:30:58:

: I have just been diagnosed with premature atrial contraction, and have
  a few concerns.  The first concern I have is the effect my asthma medications
  will have on this condition - I am currently on Azmacort, Ventolin, and Seravent.
  The second concern I have is with regard to exercise - despite my asthma, I
  am a highly active individual, but since I have been diagnosed with this
  problem I am hesitant about resuming my exercise routine (which involves regular time
  on the treadmill).  Also, what are the long-term effects of this condition -
  does it get worse?

  Thanks for the help

  melvin todd
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Dear Melvin,

Firstly, premature atrial contraction is not a condition nor a diagnosis;
it is a fact of life, almost everyone has these early beats.  There
are also premature ventricular contractions which again everyone
has as a part of their natural heart rhythm, and some more than
others.  Medications can effect the frequency with which these
premature beats occur; on your list of medications are two potential
culprits: serevent and ventolin, both "beta-agonists" that when used to
treat asthma in the lungs can affect the heart just a tad such that it
can be stimulated to prematurely beat.  However your premature beats are
not necessarily coming from your medications.  Caffeine, tea, coffee,
chocholate, and stress can all stimulate premature contractions in the

These premature beats, if felt by the patient can be annoying, if this
is so for you Melvin you would need to discuss this with your asthma doctor.

Your exercise should not be altered by premature beats and you should not
restrict your activities unless the physician who evaluated you suggested
you tailor your activities.  

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