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prinzmetals angina/ 2 stents placed and having more spasms

I have had prinzmetals angina for 7 yrs now, I was med flighted back then into boston ma and drs actually saw it as cardiac cath was being performed.I have been able to control my condition with statin up until 2 weeks ago. I was hospitalized  had a blockage of 99 in the right coronary artery.2 stents were place there.I felt great for about 2 weeks and suddenly i am having labored breathing severe fatigue and  more spasms then ever.my meds include isosorbide,simivastain,cardazem. asprin,plavix,lasix, and a new one metoprolol 50mg. Dont know if the medicated stents are causing this or if there is a serious undelying problem. also are there speacialist that  treat prinzmetrals?

                                                                                          Thank You
                                                                                         Christine G
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I was told that stents could be used in the treatment of prinzmetals and i understand that they cant pinpoint the exact artery but I have quite a few episodes of this please help thank you
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Stents can be used at points of blockage, where often coronary spasm or Prinzmetal's angina occur (often with ST elevation or with depression).  The key is to manage changes in endothelial dysfunction for Prinzmetal's angina.  A lipid disorder can cause it.  Illicit drug use (just saying, that is a cause, I'm not saying you use drugs) can cause it.

Treatment can be with stents.  Mainstay is treatment with high dose calcium channel blockers, nitroglycerine, beta blockers, and treat underlying lipid disorder.  You may need a significant dose of a calcium channel blocker--an increase may help.  There are some that treat Prinzmetal's however they may not do any better than a good cardiologist.  Finding the right medication mix is important.  Coronary spasm is can be diagnosed.  Mine was diagnosed in the cath lab.  There is a more precise test to trigger Prinzmetal's angina/coronary spasm called a provocative test with ergonovine.  Only a very experienced cardiologist should do this.  I've had it done, however it didn't trigger an event.  Often spasming arteries have a severe blockage.  Treatment of the blockage may help but the body may need time to repond.  Nitro, long acting, is helpful.  Good luck.
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