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prohibited activities.

what are the prohibited activities of a person with mitral valve prolapse?
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MVP is the leaflets not closing valve opening securely and blood flows back into the upper chamber when the heart is pumping. The condition can be mild, moderate and severe. If moderate to severe backflow, there may be symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pains, fatigue, etc., then the activity should be avoided as the condition may be serious and require threatment.  

Many individuals have mild MVP congenitally, and the condition never advances nor present a problem.

Some cardiologists advise MVP patients to avoid competitive sports to prevent the occasional rupture of chorda tendinae (chords that attach to the leaflets...usually elongated and leaflets billow back with the pressure and that will lead to severe Mitral Regurgitation and serious heart failure.

Others do not restrict their patients from sports activities, even those that require maximum effort. A scientific consensus has not been developed yet. The patient's tolerance (or lack of it) to strenuous physical activities (as evidenced by any symptom present) is one best guide to use in making the final decision. The vast majority of MVP patients enjoy full and active lives with no restrictions.

I have had moderate to severe MVR for years, and have not avoided any activities and lift heavy weights in 3 times a week workout.    
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