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pulse/heartbeat all over my body.

Lately, I have noticed that when I go to sleep, I can feel my pulse in strange places, such as fingers, legs, stomach...and lately, all over at the same time.
Any idea of what this is?
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It is normal and mostly psychological.  If anyone concentrates enough, they will be able to feel their heart beat all over their body.  This is particularly the case when you are going to sleep because everything is quiet, you are lying still and there are no distractions.  I am constantly aware of my heart beat because I think about it.  When I am distracted by something I do not notice.  My girlfriend thinks I am crazy but yesterday I had a very good talk with her and asked her if she could feel hers. She immediately said no but then sat still and concentrated and all of a sudden she could feel it in her neck and chest.  We think too much about it!!!
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i feel pulses all over my body, in my fingertips and toes, front and back of my kegs, thighs, arms, neck, back, its very worrying, my mum and dad think im overexagerrating things and dont think anythings wrong. any help?
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Im bringing this post back!

anyone else?
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This is not psychological!  When I lay on my bed I can feel my heartbeat all over my body.  It makes my body "twitch" for lack of a better term.  I can actually make my bed MOVE slightly back and forth when lying on it.  I've been tested for high blood pressure multiple times and almost always have a normal reading.

I have other symptoms.  It feels like my body is a big balloon that is over-filled and about ready to burst.  I have constant slight pressure in my head.  I have major joint problems.  I'm tired all the time.

My family doctors seem to ignore any symptoms I have.  I'm very frustrated that I cannot find help.  That's why I've been searching the internet for some answers.
From several Months
I'm Feeling Beats everywhere in my body
Heart abviusly,Stomach,Jugular vein(On Both sides of Neck)
Even I see My rest Vessel is jumping(Beats)
I'm a doctor
but I still don't know it's reason
Although I did All Test for this
but Still I couldn't find it's reason

But As for as my experience says;
Exercise is its Best Solution,
As when I do exercise
I feel Calm (No Beats)
& It's Related to Anxiety

so Antidepressants can reduce this problem as well
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Sometimes my heart also beats so hard strongly that it makes my body rock, or the bed move. My blood pressure is low to low/normal. I have no medical conditions but have always wondered why this happens. It is not connected to moods or hormones, or atleast I have found no correlation. Also, when I cross my legs sometimes the leg on top will "bob" slightly to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
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I started noticing my strong pulse after a severe evening of vomiting, which I think was food poisoning. My pulse, too, is strong enough to make my body move - if I hold, say, a glass of water, the water pulsates in time with my pulse. It's constant, never changing, whether I'm feeling relaxed or anxious. My BP is normal; ECG normal, other tests normal (thyroid, blood glucose, anaemia). Neurotic? Maybe. But it would be nice to get an explanation. No one seems to have any answer at all.
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I have felt the same exact thing! Just last night while lying in bed, the bed moved with every heartbeat. Definitely not psychological!  The headboard shook! It's been happening for about a month now.  My blood pressure is fine. I've been to the ER this year for what they called a panic attack. I was later diagnosed with MS. I don't know if it's all tied together. Finally knowing why my legs were heavy and tingling was(MS), in a way, was a relief.

But this heavy heartbeat that moves my body is really scary.  I sometimes feel my pulse in my nose, sometimes it gets red and swollen. And this is also a mystery. It's very frustrating.
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i feel this constant pulse thru my whole body when i am at rest and when i am moving i feel it al the time when i am driving when i am working showering eating anything...its driving me crazy and i know if i go to my dr or the er they will do all the same tests and ekg i dont need its not a panic attack or hbp or low bp but i dont know what it is i can feel it right now while im typing and would love it if  anyone can help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My god! This has made me feel better, thought I was dying, haven't told anyone even my girlfriend who has commented that she can feel it when we cuddle! I feel it everywhere, if I lie down my stomach goes up and down quite hard with the rhythm of my heartbeat. Its like I have a giant oversized heart that is pushing blood around my body at very high pressure, its also constant. I cant even count seconds in my head unless my heartbeat is the same speed, the beats are just too powerful.

12 years I have had this, never been to doctor as I have an extremely bad fear of hospitals and think (unrationally I know, but can't beat it) I have some incurable fatal disease!

A huge weight has been lifted!

Has anyone found what it is yet?
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I am in a very similar situation as Red Sparkler where my leg bobs up and down (very minutely) but constantly. I can also feel the beats in my hands and head, and when I sleep at night the pillow moves ever so slightly. I have had an ECG, EKG, Holter Monitor, etc... and the Cardio says there is no problem. Also have had an Adrenal and Thyroid test. All normal. I am going to see another Doctor on 23rd Oct 2009 so we will see. It is very annoying. I also occasionally get headaches and unsettled stomach and have had Atrial Fribrillation once (irregular heatbeat previously). No idea if they are related. I am male, 35. Blood pressure is normal.
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i got on the internet to find an answer too because i am under a lot of stress and an emotional breakdown yesterday, but when i try to control my stress or feel stressed out i just stand there or go through the motions without thought and notice that my pulse is beating very hard, not fast, just very hard. i took a 3 hour nap and just woke up and my beats were very rough and made me dizzy this morning and feel a bit nauceous...
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this is normal. i have been to the drs several times about the same thing and time and time again i am told its normal. i convinced myself i had some sort of heart problem to the extent i have experienced panic attacks. im not as bad now because i have learnt to relax but once i get thinking about it i find it gets worse! think logically and try to relax!
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Oh my god, guys. You are all hypochondriacs. Relax! And realize that the heart has to pump hard enough to get blood moving constantly throughout your whole body. I'm not a medical professional but it seems to be it's perfectly normal to feel a pulse all over your body when you're really paying attention--I know I do, and I have yearly physicals and I'm perfectly healthy. I've also experienced the creaking headboard that a couple of you have mentioned. I've found that that depends on how the headboard is aligned with the floor and I can usually make the creaking stop if I just get up and slide the bed up or down a couple of inches to re-align the headboard.
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I feel the same things!!! I feel impulses in my legs, arms, feet!! And yes, it seems to me also that I can feel my heart in my upper abdomen!! I have definitely convinced myself that I have some type of intestinal parasite that can travel through your tissues and organs.  I have begun to take all types of herbal treatments that Do settle my stomach but the  problem has never totally gone away.  By the doctors account, I'm fine!  But I don't think so!
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Okay , I can relate to all of you, this is surely nothing PSYCHOLOGICAL or in the mind or us causing this to happen,. this happens then we get aware of it. I am sure you are all sick of hearing "its nothing" or "youre fine" or "its just in your head" or "its anxiety" etc.. etc..

yes my bed pillow sheets all vibrate and visibly move too,. what we are talking about, well let me rephrase, what im talking about and what i think all of you are talking about is not a  racing of the heart,. but a pounding of the heart at normal BPM's beats per minute.  

the pounding is hard and can be felt everywhere, for me its mostly butt thighs esp when im sitting,. arms hands fingers.

Its VERY annoying, scary and frustrating. There MUST be a reason behind this which is not the old "its just anxiety" (they love saying this when they cant find the cause)

for me there is additional symptoms, BLOODSHOT eyes,. cloudy vision, muscle twitching, nasal inflammation and mucous, chest tightness, joint , muscle, ligament pain

symptoms seem to get worse when LAYING down and upon rising in morning
sleep is HORRIBLE

if anyone has any input or knows what these things could mean please MESSAGE me

thank you and good luck to all

at least i dont feel alone
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I have recently experienced the same whole body pulsing problem (move the bed? what LR10 you have noooo idea what ya talking about do you?)... i am taking sertraline anti depressants and have bulimia so was thinking it may be down to regular vomiting and perhaps side effects from meds? anyone else in my boat? also, magnesium/ potassium levels could be a factor? relieved to have found this page - other than headboard alignment reply my mind has been put to rest a little...

thank you and hope you all continue to investigate and share your findings on here
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I've had this for three years. It started when I was walking to work one day and I had a hard time breathing, I felt like vomiting, thought I was just over stressed. A few months later I had an "episode" where I felt like I was having a heart attack, I was rushed to the hospital where I was told that it was a panic attack.

A few months later I ended up back in the ER with heart palpitations, they said I had low potassium and inflammation in the lining around my heart, otherwise I was fine. The strange thing was, when I was laying on the bed and had the IV in with a saline drip and an anti-inflammatory I told the doctor that I felt like my whole body was pulsating, this was the first time I really noticed it, she literally laughed at me and walked out of the room.

I've been to doctor after doctor, ER after ER, I've had an MRI of my head, an EKG, blood work, and Pelvic, Ear and Eye exams that have all come out fine. They've tried to put me on anti-anxiety pills but I've refused, I swear this isn't mental.

7 months ago, I quit smoking, that helped a lot, a month later I quit consuming caffeine, which made the biggest difference and the panic attacks have mostly gone away. A large amount of sugar will bring the problems back again with a vengeance though.

I'm convinced it either has to do with the inner ear or the heart. The blurred vision, twitching, pounding heartbeat (which can exceed 120bpm) panic attacks and mood swings can all correlate with problems with the ear or heart.

I'm on a mission to fix this, to get my life back, to be able to drive more than 55mph without getting dizzy, or go running, or ride an escalator (mall visits have ceased to exist), or get on a plane. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going to pass out all the time, or my heart will beat out of my chest, I'm also tired of doctors giving me THAT look, I know I'm not making this up and I truly believe that anti-anxiety medication is NOT the answer.
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Definitely NOT psychological.  In fact, when I had this following and adverse reactions to a prescribed med, you could see all pulses, all over the body, pulsating.  It was visible.

If you can hear your heart beat when you are lying down, it is called pulsatile  tunnitus, and yes, it is unpleasant.  I had this too for a few years on and off.

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Hi All

I have started experiencing this too. It started about two months ago. I'm just curious to see how all you guys are getting along with this? In the short time i've had this i have been literally going insane. Honestly, no doctor or ER quack in the world will take me seriously once i tell them "my body rocks with my heart beat"  not even family members.

Upon one of my thousand google searches about this, i came across a bounding pulse, which sort of seems to match whats going on here a little bit, since I can visibly see all of my major arteries pulsate. Could all of these arteries pulsating the way that they do cause the body to rock slightly when keeping perfectly still?

I have made sure that my blood pressure has nothing to do with it and it dosent. It's ususally around 120/70 with my pulse rate varying from 70-90 beats each time i take it, so the bounding pulse isnt do caused by blood pressure or fluid overload (which contributes to blood pressure).

Anyway, just wanted to know if there is anything out there that can moderaltly reduce these symptoms. Sometimes if i find the right position, my body will move back and forth at least 1 whole centemeter in lenght. Thats the most disturbing position however.

Yes, as any doctor will tell me 'you have anxiety and your just hyper aware of it' but honestly, i dont remember sitting at my laptop on my desk and being rocked back and forth while trying to type a paragraph in the past, i'm sure i would have picked up on it.

Please share your thoughts on this, thanks.
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Do you exercise, because probably your heart rate is about 90 and because you are sedentary you feel your pulse very strong, it happens to me.  Check with your doctor if walking can improve your symptoms.  Otherwise go to an electrophysiologist who deals with heart rythms exclusively and will help you.  Hope you improve soon.
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I have the same feeling ECO metal ,MARTEC .
All the doctor says it was tension you fear a lot , But they don`t understand  how strange the feeling in  the body . i have the same feeling somethink pushing from my head front ,vibrating, burning sensation in body somepart differently ,breathink trouable thinks its was attck go hosiptal all is normal. cramp in hand and leg ,
PLEASE all you guys and girl , still all are you alive and have found why we have like think if yes pls let me know. if not also pls let me know i going to find it as a mission.  
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Thank you everyone I'm 22 and I have the same problem my heart beats so hard I feel like I'm havein a seizure or something.I can see my shirt move and my bed.It happens a lot and sometimes for a while but not all the time I have tried every thing.I stopped smoking cigarettes and weed I don't drink pop anymore or anything with caffeine and I don't drink alcohol.Anything that promotes heart palpitations
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Glad I am not alone.

For those people that think that this is all in our heads, it is not at all. We are not making these symptoms up, we are all suffering! It's very insulting to hear time and time again that "oh stop thinking about it so much, and it will go away"

I can feel my pulse in my head, fingers, legs, feet, toes, hands, arms, neck, chest, belly all the time.
If you put a remote control or box of tissues on my belly, you can see it move up and down about 2cms to the same beat as the pulse!

As I do anything physical, it only gets worse and worse as the pulse no doubt goes up

Going to sleep at night is almost impossible as I feel this pounding and pounding away on my pillow from my head. It feels like there is an earthquake constantly, it's so annoying. Also, I can feel the pulse in my legs which is also annoying!

When I wear shoes, I can feel my pulse rub against the shoes, its such a weird sensation.

I also from time to time feel burning sensations around my heart, and sometimes if feels like there is more pressure around my heart, it gets harder to breathe, kinda like if you running outside in very cold weather!

Hopefully someone will know what is causing this someday, find a cure, or some medical surgery to stop it, because living with this everyday does not feel healthy!
Makes you contemplate exercise or not, because you don;t know if that's causing harm or not!
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sounds like Groats disease
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