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pvc's and stress

47 yr old M in extremely good health, started having unifocal pvc's about 1 month ago. I seem to be having  about 1500 an hour, but they seem to go away periodically. I notice them the most in the evening when I relax. Had an echo stress test and the doc said my heart was the picture of health, I only drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day and only drink occassionally, and Im a non smoker. My last physical was perfect although my good cholesterol HDL could have been alittle better. I have had an increase in stress over the past 6 months but it has been getting better as of late. I started taking Lexapro perscribed by my doc for possible anxiety/stress relief. Doesnt seem to effect the PVC's. What puzzles me is I've been in perfect health till now and these PVC's are driving me crazy, I feel a huge thump in my throat when they occure and I'm having runs of Bi geminy for about 15 to 20 beats at a time. I guess I just looking for advice right now so I can stop panicing.
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Hi there, Check out the heart rhythm forum.
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