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pvc's too many to count for 6 straight days HELP

i have suffered from PVC's since the birth of our third child.  He is 5 1/2.  I have seen two cardiologists and my family dr.  I am currently on 100mg of toprol and it was workng for a while.  Since Sunday afternoon though i have had constant..unrelenting upsettingly painful PVC's.  I am so tired, have a horrible headache, my arms ache, the list goes on.  I am not a hypochondriac...but when do you seek out help. Of course you feel like you are going to die...my heart is not beating in a normal rhythm....but i know that I AM probably NOT going to die....so.....that said....what should i do.  I become breathless, anxious, scared....but the REAL symptoms are what ruin me....i do not have the energy to go for a walk...walking down my stairs is breathtaking, doing a load of laundry drains me...I am thankful my sweet husband is home to help out but i need to feel well so i can be a mommy and wife...six days of this is TOOOO TOOOOOOOOO much...BTW i am 37.5 and I have quit smoking....I do enjoy iced tea (with caffeine, but i am not addicted, and DO NOT need it daily...) i am 20lbs overweight but also have hormonal issues (have had my whole life..PCOS..we did IVF to have our first two babies..) Oh how i would love some peace of mind! thanks for giving me a place to vent my fears.  K
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Hello. In general, an increase in PVC's frequency in patients previously stable is associated to a rise of catecholamines in the blood (stress hormones) or changes in electrolytes levels (drop in potassium or magnesium in the blood). A less common possibility could be the appearance of a new problem/arrhythmia. As you are already under treatment (Toprol) my recommendation would be to increase potassium/magnesium intake (potassium: bananas; magnesium: all nuts, artichokes, spinach, beans and tomato), and try to decrease your stress/anxiety if possible. If you feel under too much pressure, stressed or with anxiety, I would recommend seeing your physician to discuss about therapy (med and no med). Your doctor could also take an electrocardiogram to define if your symptoms are an increase of PVCs. As a last resource and if your symptom persist with the same intensity, you can consult an electrophysiologist to discuss about "burning" or ablating the spot in your ventricle that is producing the PVC.
Good luck.
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I am sorry you are having so much trouble.  As a veteran of decades of PVCs, I know how disturbing and tiring this can be.

However, once you have been tested and told repeatedly that your heart is healthy, it becomes necessary to find a way to cope with the distressing symptoms.  You describe exhaustion--which, as a mother of THREE(!), you are entitled to--as well as breathlessness and lots of fear.  As you probably know, anxiety or panic can cause or worsen everything you describe, and your message indicates that you are suffering enormously from anxiety.

Based on my own experince, I strongly suggest seeing a counselor or better yet a psychiatrist (because shrinks have medical training) to talk about your health and emotional concerns.  You will very quickly get comfort and help for understanding and dealing with your very real aymptoms.
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thanks so much for writing.  I appreciate the advice and I feel better knowing that every dr i see tells me the same thing.  I have to learn to deal with the changes in my body and not think i am going to die at any given moment.  I stress so much and that is another issue in my life.  I am on meds for depression and anxiety disorders...(have been for years)...so i know it is all intertwined!  I need to work on decreasing my stress and anxiety levels...it is so hard we have moved three times in the last two years due to work and education for our children...and it just seems so hard to adjust.  I am tooo old for all the changes.  Again i thank you so much....i am going HOME to illinois this summer and have appts to see both my family dr and my ob/gyn and am hoping they will give me reassurance.  While overseas i had a whole gammet of blood work done, ekgs, echos, whole body sono, and everything is fine....so i guess I AM...Makes me feel even more crazy though....
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