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question about working out

I am 26 years old i was diagnose with congestive heart failure at the age of 23. I  just enroll in a gym and need some help on the work out plan to follow.
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The hospital or doctor should have given you cardiac rehabilitation information and instructions.  Generally, an aerobic exercise to a heart rate (220 - age, less ten) for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week every day is better.  Resistance training to maintain muscle tone and strength.  Did you have a heart attack?    .  
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Has your doctor given you clearance to workout without limitations?  If not, prior to beginning a program, please discuss your plans with your doctor.  If you have no limitations, you should be OK to do what is comfortable.
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The doctors didn't really give me much information. I am going to a county hospital and it seems like sometimes they don't take the time to explain everything. I never had a heart attack or any other heart problems before I was diagnose. They told me they do not know why I'm sick and that they may never know. They had told me that i had to stop working at one point, because I work in commercial plumbing, but they change my medicine and now I am doing pretty good and do everything with out problems.
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Do you know the underlying cause for your low cardiac output (heart failure).

It is possible you had a (silent) hert attack and not aware of a problem until the heart fails to pump and adequate supply of blood/oxygen.  I had had a silent heart atttack prior to going to ER with heart failure symptoms (dry cough when inclined, shortness of breath....no chest pain!)

Are you taking an ACE inhibitor, beta blocker, diuretic med, aspirin, etc.?  What tests did you take for a dx of heart failure?  Heart muscle damage can happen in ways other than a heart attack!  Heart muscle damage from a lack of blood supply (ischemia) to the heart from occluded arteries (most common...but are young!).  There can be heart muscle damage from other causes...do you know the underlying cause?

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do you know if a stress test would show previous heart attack, or one that is about to happen
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I don't know about a silent heart attack or if I had one. I found out about my condition when I got hurt at work. I cut off the finger tip in my right index finger and while I was in surgery the say that my heart started to act up. I  can't remember if my heart rate went up or down.  The doctors said that in a way I was lucky to have had the accident because there was a chance that I could of just drop dead with out catching this earlier. They did a few test to try to find what was wrong and the cause but they can't find the cause still. I had a couple echo cardiograms done, a nuclear stress test done, one that I don't know what is called but they put me to sleep and used a camera. they ran the camera in my mouth to see my heart I believe. They told me that I had an enlarge heart, and that in was like at 25 to 30 percent, and a blood clog in my heart, and that I had atrillfibrillation.
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A stress test has an EKG output and if the st segment is elevated that can indicate a previous MI.  A depressed st segment could indicate ischemia (CAD) and the time intervals of the QRS complex, pr, st are a consideration and depending on what lead(s)would give the general location.  

The EKG monitors heart rate and if the blood pressure abnormally increases as well as hr, etc. the test would be halted.  
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