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racing heart?

is there such a thing as racing heart disease?
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As far as I am aware, there is no entity known as racing heart disease. However, if by racing you mean a rapid, there are many examples of rhythms characterized by a fast rate.

Tachycardia is the term used for a heart rate that exceeds the normal range for a resting heart rate  It can be dangerous depending on the speed and type of rhythm.
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like CCF HeartMD5 said i've never heard of the entity.. but i can tell you from experience that usually when i have a " racing heart" it's usually palpatations.. when the only thing u heart and feel is your own heart beat. for yrs i was told it was my BP but when it was taken it was always 120/84.. now i'm in my 20s so most drs think i'm crazy or having panic attacks.... it took one awesome dr to see that every once in awhile my ekg/stress test/ bp was off.. at one time it was 230/110 and yes i got medical help! when i got there my bp was 320, alil adenocard and things reset... well for a few yrs after i would end up in the ER and we'd do our little dance and things would be fix for awhile.so after yrs at 4 different cardiologist and being told i'm too young and  crazy 1 dr finally put an ICM in me and he comes back with PSVT.. so i think finally we have an answer. so he sends me to an electrocadiaology physiologist who tells me ablation does wonders... so 6 weeks ago i sign up and go under.... i wake up only to be told i don't have PSVT , he's not sure really whats wrong but they went thru my septum to get to my atrial area and fixed 3 areas that didnt have good electical function and 1 spot that had poor blood flow. so 3 days after i felt like a rock star and now 6 weeks later and 2 fainting spells later i feel horrid..anyways my point is maybe its just palpations and maybe not you should see someone because u never know.

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