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ranexa resistance

I have large vessel disease,small vessel disease and coronary artery spasms. I have had my LAD restented after I had my first drug eluding stent occlude, which caused an AWMI- my last cath showed It was 50% occluded in April. I was having alot of angina then, just awful burning in my chest, relieved by Nitro. Gi w/u completely negative. I was placed on Ranexa-500 twice daily-for 4 months it was like an miracle drug, now in the past week, I have developed the same pain which has required at least 2-3 ntg daily. I know I can up the dose to 1000mg bid, but they think the Ranexa has caused my GI sx causing a 5 lb wait loss which I cannot afford. What happens when you can't take Ranexa anymore ? I know that surgery is not really helpful for small vessel disease ? i am already on 90mg of Imdur daily,coreg,plavix,asa,lasix,k and lisinopril ?
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I don't understand some of your abbreviations, such as AWMI and GI sx, I'm not a health professional.  However, I have eight stents, have had some issues with restinosis and some small branch artery blockages that caused some chest pain.  I also take every drug you take.  

I had a pacemaker inserted because of brady-tachy symptoms, and my drug dosages were increased.  My Coreg was increased to 50 mg daily, and I'm taking 1000 mg Ranexa twice a day, and my angina stopped.  I agree Ranexa is a miracle drug, I just don't understand why you are nervous about increasing the dose.  Again, I'm not a health professional, and I don't understand the abbreviations, but increasing Ranexa to 1000 twice a day helped me a great deal.  Best wishes.
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