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recovery process after stent/angioplasty+ encouragement

Hi. I just found this forum. I am 60. Had 3 stents placed in Circumflex artery 2 days ago. I am still in shock as I actually did not anticipate any significant blockage and was doing angiogram for diagnosis after failing stress test but no severe angina. Test showed two short segments with 75% and 85% blockage and longer stretch with 50%. They put in 2 short stents and first two and longer stent in the longer area overlapping with stent for 85% blockage. Sent home with Plavix, Altace (Ramiprimil) and Lipitor (Ran-Atorvastatin). plus ASA. Have only taken Plavix and ASA so far and have a sort of congested feeling in esophagus and stomach-Like mild indigestion, feeling full and feeling like stuffing self when eat.

Still in shock and ajusting. I have Fibro so other limitations and my wife has alzheimers so that is a big stress. any feedback helpful.
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I am 69 years old male. I used to have stress induced palpitation for a few years before I had a stress EKG done and that showed ST depression and culminated a PCI for 20% obstruction in my LAD with 1 drug eluting stent. That was 1 year ago. I never had any chest symptoms otherwise.
That resolved my supra ventricular palpitation since. However, a repeat stress echo done recently showed ST depression, but a normal echo.
I am on lipitor 20mg, aspirin & bisoprolol 2.5 mg. My BP is 125/70 HR = 60.
LDL = 2.8 mMol. (N= 2.6 mMol) Ezetimide  10 mg was added hopefully to lower my LDL. I exercise daily maybe not good enough cardio exercises.
I shall be most grateful if some one would comment on my case. Thank you.
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Welcome to the club ....

I also have 5 stents all over the coronaries, and I was 59 when I got them after a big hart attack ...

Give yourself some time, and keep in mind that you should change your life style.

By the way, what are you waiting to start with the rest of your medication?

For your problems, what helped me was:

1) Make, not 3, but 5 small meals per day. Digestion requires a lot of effort from the heart, so the smaller the better.
2) Plavix and ASA can produce stomach erritation, so I take them AFTER the meals.
3) If you get gas problems (Lipitor produced them to me) I solved it by taking any OTC pill with 120 mg of Sumeticone.
4) Despite any stomach problem, while you are on Plavix, DO NOT TAKE Omeoprazole or other Proton Pump Inhibitor without checking with your cardiologist. (Some studies indicate that might cancel the effect of Plavix).

Wish you the best recovery!!!


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