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repro and stents in cardiac catherizations

my mom had triple by pass surgery and only 2  of the bypass remained open soon afterwards They then put in 9 stents and 3 closed given repro and her platetet count has dropped . She was given platelet  went up then down again  Can plavix make it worse and will her platelet revert back to normal
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The whole idea of plavix is to make platelets less active and a patient is now generally on this medication for a number of years. My first stent in 2007 required plavix for 1 year. My new stents in Sept 09 require plavix for 2-3 years minimum. They seem to now believe the longer you are on plavix the better, to prevent clogging of stents. They should be taking blood tests to make sure her clotting factor is as required. I assume she is on aspirin daily also? Aspirin is for life, but once plavix is eventually stopped, the clotting factor does increase. I have noticed no real problems on plavix. I think the only problem comes if you require further surgery. Stenting is fine with plavix, they gave me 600mg before my last angioplasty.
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