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results of nuclear scan

I recently had some episodes of chest pain and had a nuclear scan . The results are as follows essentially a normal study . Although there was some apical antero-septal attenuation artefact but otherwise normal systolic function. Could you please explain what that term means
Thank you crystaly
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Attenuated artefact is an image of an object not normally present in living tissue and occasionally happens when a beam of radiation is passed through tissue.  Considered a radiological issue and not of any medical significance.

Systole function is normal meaning the heart is pumping adequately without any impairment.
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thank you for clarifying that I didnt have aclue what that meant at all . The scan was carried out as a result of my extremely high heart rate on my ecg  high heart rate . However, the  chest pain seems to have settled since i was put on beta blockers and aspirin . Not sure if this is coincidental or not  I appreciate your help
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