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scar tissue problem

Dear Dr: I am having a problem with scar tissue building up every ten to twelve weeks after I have surgerys.I have had stents,triple by-pass, laser surgery all in the last 6 months.It seems that I a having problems again. I was wondering what I have to do to get into a study program.How successful are these study programs.Can I have laser surgery done every ten to twelve weeks and go back to a normal life style.EG:work(tractor trailer driver) fishing, hunting(bow),house repairs, sex.Thank you for your time
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If you are referring to scar tissue build up inside stents, radiation therapy is useful for that problem, much moreso than laser therapy. It is still a relatively new procedure, and the long term safety is unknown. However, the short-term results appear promising.
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Dear Dr: Thanks for your reply on my problem of scar tissue.I live in new york(Long Island) and was wondering where I could go to get more information on the radiation therapy you talk about?Is there any place close to me?
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Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan is capable of doing this procedure.
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Dear Dr: Do you know how long lenox hill hospital has been doing this procedure?Do you have the name of a doctor to contact?
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As the procedure is relatively new, no one has done it for long - that is part of why there is a degree of uncertainty if you undergo this procedure. You can ask for an appointment with one of their interventional cardiologists.
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