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sensations in chest

Posted By john stine on November 06, 1998 at 09:20:18:

i have been having strange sensations in my left chest area for some time
now, meaning more than 2 years.
i am not sure if my situation could be serious.
i experience pvc's, and have seen more than one doctor including a cardiologist.
i have had a sonogram, a stress test, x-rays, and not one doctor has seen
anything they considered unusual.
i am currently taking metoprolol in a very low dosage (50 mg. daily).
i feel pains several times a day always in that one part of the chest
(close to the left nipple)and they subside.
these sensations come whether or not i'm moving, i can be sitting still
and have them.
i don't want to have to see another doctor since i have seen so many already.
please advise me if i'm worrying too much, and if there's anything else i
should do.
if you need more information let me know, i'll answer.
thanks for your time.
-john stine

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